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4 Men’s Grooming Habits That Women Hate

4 Men’s Grooming Habits that Women Hate

Here’s the thing. From a female’s perspective, men’s grooming habits tend not to exist or be extreme. This is why we compiled this guide of “4 Men’s Grooming Habits That Women Hate.” The guy refuses to trim his facial hair, and it is wildly out of control, and then there’s the guy who spends more time aligning the edges of his beard than he does on the rest of his entire grooming routine.

At Made Men  Barbershop, we can’t decide which one is more annoying, but what we do know is that there has to be a happy medium. Men spend more time and money on grooming than ever before, but that does not mean that meantime and money are being appropriately utilized.

Groom too much, and she gets bathroom angst. Groom too little, and she will complain that you smell like a post-match changing room. To avoid getting up your other half’s nose (in every sense), these are the grooming habits that we at Made Men Barbershop think  women hate the most and how to fix them, pronto.

Sandpaper Skin

Newsflash: moisturizing on Christmas, birthdays and the first day of football season is not enough to keep your skin in check. Nobody likes a bathroom hogger, but daily moisturizing with a built-in SPF to fight the damaging effects of UV rays keeps rough-as-velcro faces at bay.

Your lady does not want to lean in for a kiss and get a face full of sandpaper. They take the time to make sure their skin is smooth and silky, and all they ask is their guy gives them the same courtesy.

Of course, using the wrong moisturizer is almost as bad as using none. So take time to seek out a face-saving solution tailored to your skin type.

Furry Backs

Body hair is as divisive among women as to whether you can wear white after Labor Day. Some love a smooth torso, others prefer it furry, but a hairy back is where every girl draws the line.

If you only have a few stray hairs rather than an entire shag pile carpet going on back there, choose your weapon and get it sorted.

Back waxing is probably the least painful body part for a guy. It should keep you super-smooth for a couple of weeks. Some guys use hair dissolving creams, but it’s similar to shaving in that it can grow back stubbly – and quickly. Not a hit with the chicks (swipe left).

Wizard Beards

There’s only one guy with an overgrown beard that women welcome with open arms, and that’s Santa Claus. According to studies, the least favorite facial hair among women is the Gandalf look.

Every beard needs consistent maintenance to keep whiskers in check.

As well as visiting your barber at least once every six weeks to keep your beard length on point, Made Men Barbershop advises regular at-home upkeep. You don’t need to wash a beard too often – maybe once a week – and don’t be afraid to the condition it.

A Carpet Of Beard Trimmings

Up there with peeing on the seat, wayward beard trimmings are every women’s (recurring) worst bathroom enemy. The zen of brushing your teeth at a sparkling white sink is instantly lost when it looks like you’ve had a scrap with a tub of iron filings.

It’s a given that when trimming facial hair, you’re going to need to clean up afterward – not just the sink but the grooming tools also.

So save yourself the stink eye from your significant other, and take some time to clean up the stray whiskers.

At Made Men Barbershop, we understand how important it is to keep your originality and not confirm for your partner, but if you want to keep her around or get a little more attention.